Welcome to University High School Girl’s Volleyball !!

Senior Night!

Thank you to all the teams for supporting and showering our Seniors with lots of love and gifts! Your generosity and thoughtfulness closes our high school season off with lots of warmth and good memories!

6th Period – Off Season

There have been questions about 6th Period Off Season and whether or not everyone should be attending them.  YES!  Absolutely!  You should continue to attend 6th Period Off Season in the gym.  Coaches will be there taking attendance so you need to be sure to check in with them.  This gives you an opportunity to get more touches on the court and play with potential team mates for next year!

Year-End Banquet

Monday, November 20
6:00pm – 8:00pm
Mariners Church Student Center
5001 Newport Coast Dr, Irvine, CA 92603

Players, Coaches, Administration will be FREE. 
Children Junior High and under FREE.
Adults $10.00
We ask the following from each team:
Varsity – please bring DESSERTS for about 10 people
(preferable dessert that won’t require extra plates or forks to eat with).
JV – please bring FRUITS for about 10 people. (cut fruit bowls please)
FS – please bring SALAD for about 10 people (green salad, caesar salad, pasta salad, etc.) 

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For any questions, please contact:    unigirlsvb@gmail.com